My course during CoVid-19 crisis confinment

Since the beginning of the confinement as a consequence of the CoVid-19 global pandemic crisis (buff… written like this it is more noticeable how terrible what we are living through), I wanted to join other teachers who have already done it and tell you a little bit about what the change of situation has meant for my teaching. That’s why I made this video.

Relatively recently I published an open article in which I try to explain in some detail how my usual teaching of the subject has continued during this time:

Castañeda, L. (2019) Formación inicial del profesorado en el uso educativo de la tecnología, una propuesta curricular. Quaderns Digitals, 89. 1-49.

I know everything is just in Spanish, but if you can, try it.

Although I said in the video that I was going to put the details of the exam here, I think I will make a specific post when I have received some feedback from my students, who I will present it to this week, but I will publish it, that’s for sure, and when I do this it will be in both languages, not in vain my course is actually taught in English,

By the way, I took the opportunity to try the vertical format of the videos and I confess that I don’t like it, but well, it has been an experience.

I appreciate any suggestion or comment you may want to make, as long as it is constructive, so I can learn more.

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