What else?

What is essential is invisible to the eye“. A. de Saint-Exupéry

Well, the truth is that when I’m not a kind of “educational technologist” (that is most of the time), I try to enjoy my other passions (yes, working for me is a passion as well, this is my secret ;-))… almost all of them with my husband that -lucky me- share them.

I’m one of those that were born in the transition time, not the X Generation, neither the Y Generation (yes, in the funniest way to understand both terms, please), I’m in that difficult to define space that Andrés Lopez (a Colombian Anthropologist and comedian) called the “Guava” Generation.

Consequently, I’m not a Digital Native but neither an immigrant, I’m definitively a Digital Resident. I’m a child of the mass media, I’ve watched almost every possible TV show in my childhood (BUT telenovelas that were completely forbidden at my family home :-)). I love to watch TV more than listening to the radio, better good series and documentaries, but I like TV as an ancient media… nowadays I feel almost classic when I watch it. Nonetheless, from my childhood, I conserve an addiction: reading everything I see with letters… from the candy papers to every single book I can get… I can not remember my life without reading, and I can not imagine my life without reading.

Additionally, maybe because of that, I love to meet new people, places, and things… travel in any transportation (aeroplane, car, train, boat, horse, and so on), walking around the places, visiting museums (I love especially painting galleries) and particular homes. I love local parties and fairs, mountain and sea, cold and warm weather (even when you can protect you better from cold)… and food… oh yes! The FOOD!!!

I’m definitively not a “sportswoman” (but I love to walk), I like swimming and scuba-diving (yes, with the full equipment, he he he)…  Every time we can, my husband and I, go for diving and get the only thing you can recover from the sea: memories in images format (picture is a kind of art and a serious name that I don’t want to insult talking about what I do under the sea with my camera).

I love music (listening to, reading about, speaking about, playing -poorly in my case-). I love to read about music history and musicians. I’m a Beethoven’s fan. In spite of this, my preferences are very eclectic and varied, from the Cantigas from Alfonso the 10th to Radio Tarifa, and I’m in a permanent musical colonisation process (meeting music) thanks to my colleagues and friends…

I’m Raquel’s mother -in permanent Beta-. She makes my time, less mine than ever, but she makes this in the most adorable way possible. This, being a mother, is the most important and massive learning process that I have lived, about every happy part of life.

I love to talk (talkative is a euphemism in my case he he he), a good chat is my perfect moment, and I love telling stories. I hope you don’t get too bored with this 😉