ESSENCE “Entrepreneurial skills in schools education: nurturing citizenship and entrepreneurship”

Finished at August, 2021

The ESSENCE project is an Erasmus+ project, funded by the European Union, which aims to help schools by trying to generate and structure learning assessment and self-assessment tools and strategies for students that can be useful specifically for entrepreneurship-related competences.

The aim is to help teachers to better face the difficult task of assessing these competences, which are increasingly being explicitly included in our curriculum.

To do so, we have worked with organisations from 7 European countries, schools, teachers, experts in the development of competences related to entrepreneurship, experts in education and educational technology, to try to achieve all the objectives we have set ourselves.

And what have we done that can be useful for you? Well, surely the most interesting thing that we have created in these months and that you can use completely freely, is a tool to evaluate with rubrics that is completely open and that, although it is specifically designed with rubrics of subcompetences of the entrepreneurship competence, you can use it with the rubrics that you consider most appropriate.

All the generated resources here

ESSENCE “Entrepreneurial skills in schools education: nurturing citizenship and entrepreneurship” for more information go to  2018-2021.
IP at UM: Linda Castañeda

COPLITELE: Co-design of Personal Learning Pathways in Connected Environments in Higher Education

The general objective of this project is to generate methodological strategies for co-designing teaching and learning for teacher training based on personal learning itineraries in technology-enriched environments, in order to favour agency and collaborative knowledge construction. Therefore, the following specific objectives are proposed:

  • To analyse pedagogical fragility in innovation processes based on the co-design of learning pathways.
  • To design, implement and validate a methodological model of co-design of teaching and learning processes valid for different situations and methodologies.
  • To implement and validate the co-design model for the construction of personal learning itineraries in technology-enriched environments.
  • Design, implement and validate a network of (co-)designers and researchers of flexible learning pathwayS


Coordinator: . Universitat de les Illes Balears. 2021 – 2024.
PI: Adolfina Pérez & Barbara De Benito

DALI: “Data Literacy for citizens”

DALI is an Erasmus + Strategic Action for Adult Education project (KA204-076492) which aims to:

  • Provide an overview of the state of the art of research in data and algorithm literacy and formulate a general framework for understanding data literacy.
  • Identify the data literacy needs of the target user groups (young people, adults and retired people).
  • Define a set of pedagogical strategies related to connected and play-based learning, specifically designed to promote the development of data literacy in adults in non-formal contexts.

IP at UM: Linda Castañeda

CUTE: Competencies for Universities – using Technology in Education

ERASMUS+: Strategic Partnership (KA203-867FE04B)

Period Sept 2019 – Dec 2022
It is an ERASMUS+ Strategic Action project that aims to develop:
1. Strategies at institutional level to improve digital competences in university education (in the institutions of the consortium),
2. A working methodology based on the European Digital Competence Framework for Educators DigCompEdu, for other institutions to use as an example.



ARS-SELFIE: Digital Competences in Spanish Education: Strategic Regional Approaches. Joint Research Center de la Unión Europea. 2022-2023 IP: Linda Castañeda

Final Report: Castañeda, Linda, Virginia Viñoles-Cosentino, Ana Yara Postigo-Fuentes, Cesar Herrero, and Romina Cachia. 2023. Strategic Approaches to Regional Transformation of Digital Education. Science for Policy Report JRC134282. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. JCR SCIENCE FOR POLICY REPORT