Educationalist (Universidad de Murcia)
PhD in Educational Technology (Universitat de les Illes Balears)
Associate Professor (tenured) at the Department of Didactics (Pedagogy) and School Organization at the Universidad de Murcia
Researcher at the Group of Research at the Educational Technology
This is my institutional WebPage

Linda was born in Bogotá (Colombia) a long time ago ;-), she is “Murcianica” by adoption (Murcia, Spain). By profession I’m Educationalist, I used to be a student of musicology by hobby, (PhD) Doctor by faculty prescription, and if the majority of people say that I’m TALKative (is a euphemism, as you can try yourself), I must say that I’m also LEARNative :-).

From Murcia (even when I’m mostly on the road), I’m working on specific aspects of Educational Technology related to the educational perspective, BUT sometimes I’m doing explorations “on the other side” (I never know if the Tech is the “bright side of life” or the “Dark-side”).

Currently, I’m leading the national (Spanish) team of two European Projects:

Additionally, I’m working on other projects centred on:

Moreover, I have the opportunity -and the honour-  to be part of the editorial board of the European Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, as well as the editorial advisory board of the Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research, as well as the Revista Interuniversitaria de investigación en Tecnología Educativa.