Presenting online, a course in Spanish

In the middle of this semester I was fortunate enough to participate as a teacher in a course on how to make online presentations for university professors (only in Spanish).

The course had some sessions in which we were talking about the presentations of our colleagues and we tried to give some feedback on the “basics” of making presentations.

As basic resources, we used some slides from professor Francesc Llorens that I think are incredibly complete and great for thinking about visual presentations and that he lent me for the occasion, although you can find them online. They are just in Spanish, but with the translator, I’m sure you can use them easily.

In addition, to serve as course content, I made a few videos on basic issues that I thought were not covered by previous materials. The videos were private until two weeks ago, but then I decided that they were useless in storage and that they might be useful in the open, so I have been “releasing” them little by little and I have finally put them together in a single playlist with the 5 videos that I leave here in case they are of any interest (they are in Spanish, but the subtitles in English work pretty well).

I have long recorded videos on how to make oral and visual presentations, so you still have those materials, some of them in English.

I hope they will be useful…

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