Holistic Visions About Teaching and Learning for the Digital Era

On September 23rd I had the opportunity to make the first conference of this 2019-2020 academic year of the series sponsored by the UC Berkeley’s Graduate Group in Science and Mathematics Education (SESAME) and the Graduate School of Education of the University of California Berkeley.

The session, called Holistic Visions About Teaching and Learning for the Digital Era, was the culmination of my research stay at UC Berkeley and gave me the opportunity to share with other faculty members some of my recent concerns and projects.

I’ll share with you the video of the talk in case you’re interested.

I have to confess that it is always an immense challenge to make a presentation to an audience like this (in such a pretigious institution), and that it is especially complicated when it seems that you don’t even have everything so clear (I almost always have many more questions than answers). However, the conditions were ideal: the invitation, the context, the wonderful presentation of Professor Jabari Mahiri and the participation of colleagues with their questions, helped me to make this presentation a new learning opportunity for me in this privileged context.

Today I am back in Murcia, on September 30th  (the day before yesterday) we closed this fantastic time in Berkeley and I’m back home with the suitcase full of learnings and new friends. Thank you all for making it possible. It’s time to continue.

If you are curious about how it has been this stay, I leave a link to the video blog that I have done these months in my visiting’s blog (only in spanish) https://lindacq.blogspot.com/