C4P: Educational Technology in Higher Education: Emergent Practices for Teaching Future Educators.

Dr Leigh Graves and myself have the privilege of work as guest editors of an Speical Issue of the UTE Journal (UTE (Universitas Tarraconensis. Revista de Ciencias de la Educación) which aims to bring together extraordinary educational experiences, focused on the training of educators to take on the impact of technologies at different educational levels. The Special Issue will be titled:

Educational Technology in Higher Education: Emergent Practices for Teaching Future Educators

And we cordially invite researchers, faculty and Higher Education trainers involved in educators’ training to submit their papers and help us with this effort. To be considered for this Special Issue papers would take into account the following considerations:

  • Papers must be based on a higher education teaching practice with a profound educational/epistemological base, (not ICT-only focused implementations).
  • Clear pedagogical description (where does this practice come from? What are the theoretical or epistemic supports of this approach?).
  • Clear practical description (how many students by class, online/face2face, year at the university).
  • Sharing viewpoints of all stakeholders involved in the practice (teachers, students, administrators)
  • Strong theoretical and pedagogical conclusions
    • Why is this practice innovative in educational terms?
    • What does this practice “add”, “change”, “improve?”
    • What’s next?

The manuscripts can be written in Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, French and English and should be original, those can be accepted for publication if they have not been published before, nor submitted for review to other scientific journals.

Universitas Tarraconensis. Journal of Educational Sciences (UTE) is a scientific journal published twice a year the Department of Pedagogy of the Rovira i Virgili University of Tarragona. It is an open-access journal reviewed by experts. Its main thematic line is educational research. Its main objective is to contribute to the development of the Sciences of Education and to promote the dissemination of new methodologies and approaches to the teaching and learning of science, responding to the challenges of 21st-century society. To ensure the publication of quality articles, the journal applies a rigorous editorial process and follows the Open Journal System (OJS) model that supports the open-access academic publication.

ISSN: 1135-1438. Indexed: DICE, CIRC, CARHUS+2014, DIALNET, Latindex.

Further instructions for submission of manuscripts: https://revistes.urv.cat/index.php/ute/about/submissions


  • Opening Call for papers: 1st of October 2019
  • Deadline: 30th of March 2020

Due to the tough times we are living around the world and the stressfull last month, the Special Issue decided to extend its deadline until 30th of June. 

  • Feedback: 30th of June 2020
  • Publication: 1st of November 2020

Here is the complete call in English. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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