Happy holidays and a great trip on 2020!!

This has been a year of travelling… a year in which I have not only travelled physically – I have travelled a lot – but it has been a kind of personal journey that I don’t think I can ever forget.

2019 has given me the opportunity to have great adventures with the people I love most, to travel alone and, also, to discover new splendid travel companies in those adventures… I have done things I never thought I would do; I have fought battles, some of them against myself – and I have not died in the attempt; I have discovered things about the world, about what surrounds me, about myself that I think will define me from now on… I have been a little more aware of my place in my worlds (the personal, the professional, the working one…)… I have become older (I have the impression that I am 10 years older than when I started this year hehe), probably because I have had more time to think…

Although what I like most about the trips this year is that I now have more questions, more uncertainties than when I started and I love that, because although it may sound worse, the truth is that I distrust more and more people who have everything clear and who do not hesitate, those who know perfectly well where they are and have no intention of changing anything, those who know all the answers, so I am very happy not to count myself among them, and to have that, more questions … more trips to do; so, yes ladies and gentlemen, I’ll keep on traveling…

For all this, although my wish of Happy Holidays and Happy New Year is for everybody, I want to make a very special congratulation full of gratitude to my still friends, my travel companions, and to the people who continue to accompany me and with whom I hope to continue travelling personally for a long time.

Happiness and many travels!

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