This year I have been called to give two interviews for online media. Although I have replied to journalists on other occasions, in this case it was not about thematic interviews (I did one recently about PLE and collaborated on some m-learning report), but about generic and “personalist” interviews… that is to say, it was not about -or at least I didn’t see them like that- generic or “technical” interviews, but about interviews that ask you to position yourself.

It is always an honour for someone who writes in a media outlet to believe that you may have something interesting to say to the people who read that outlet; however, I confess that openly committing yourself to a professional opinion in a field -such as education- clearly marked by ideology is complicated. I have fears of being “pigeonholed”, of being attacked, of not being able to express myself clearly enough, or of saying too much nonsense… “Meaning” always implies marking a place where you are… and by omission, one in which you are not… and that also means closing doors… they are doors that you don’t want to cross, but the closed door is an image that -at least to me- frightens.

Nevertheless, I was delighted to participate, thank you Daniel and Miguel Angel for having me on them. They have been two telephone conversations that I have enjoyed very much and that I link below linked in case you feel like reading them (they both are in Spanish, but the translator is always a good help):

I firmly believe that a profession is much more than just a job, and that a good part of professional responsibility consists in expressing and defending everything shapes your thinking. I am not (nor do I think) only what I say in these interviews, but I am pleased to say that they represent well what I defend professionally and personally.

Some of you know me, so you’re not very surprised, I have always been known for talking too much, for having too few filters and for vehemently defending everything I am convinced of… I’m sorry, it’s not my fault, as Jessica Rabbit always says, “they draw me in that way” ;-).