EDUTEC N.86 Issues, Shadows, and Challenges of Data Ecosystems in Education

It is both a pleasure and a great honor for me to conclude the year 2023 with the exciting announcement of the release of Issue 86 of the EDUTEC Journal. In this issue, Professor Lesley Gourlay (from the UCL) and I have collaborated as guest Editors for a special section focusing on the ‘Issues, Shadows, and Challenges of Data Ecosystems in Education.’

This special edition features contributions in both Spanish and English, showcasing insights from diverse teams operating in various contexts. The collection encompasses a range of perspectives, methodologies, and approaches, providing an extraordinary overview of the emerging questions posed by the datafication process in education. We believe that this compilation offers a comprehensive insight into the intricate landscape of challenges and opportunities within the realm of educational data ecosystems:

We extend a gracious invitation for you to peruse the compelling articles within this edition and engage in thoughtful contemplation on the pressing issues we present, issues we deem of paramount importance in contemporary times

Thanks to everyone who makes possible this amazing effort

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